About us


Ecopack d.o.o. is joint-venture of world-wide known system Weiler Abrasives d.o.o. and currently one of the top producers of disposable food containers made of PET in Slovenia and central Europe, using production materials, which are environmental friendly and with that also friendly to end-users.

Our basic activity is design, manufacture and sales of disposable plastic packaging for food industry by using thermoforming technology. Ecopack currently sells over 35 % of its production on Southeast European markets. Thermoforming, the manufacturing technology applied in Ecopack d.o.o. Slovenia, is one of the best up to date and innovative technologies, that ensures the highest quality of packaging. Our disposable food packaging can be used in merchandising of bakeries, fruits and vegetables secondary industries and foodservice applications. We are main supplier of packaging to all supermarket chains and food manufacturers in Slovenia. With wide range of containers and ability to develop customized packaging solutions based on customer’s specific needs, we can produce almost any container to fulfill their needs.

Ecopack d.o.o. was awarded with ISO certificate for quality, by BVQI Management in the year 1999 and upgraded with latest ISO 9001:2015.

As supplier of quality offer of packaging and company in expanding stage, we have huge interest to range as one of your business partner/supplier. Please do not hesitate to contact us.