Company Ecopack is the producer of ecological packaging, which is nice to the environment and made of OPS (oriented polystyrene) materials.

The advantages of Ecopack package are:

  • 100% clear,
  • surface splendour,
  • high transparency,
  • high hardness,
  • without harmful effects on food (atest),
  • destroying is harmless for the environment,
  • competitive prices,
  • modern design,
  • the area of using is beetwen -40°C to +80°C.

The area of using Ecopack package:

  • supermarkets, groceries, butchers,
  • bakery and confectionery,
  • meet manufacturing,
  • pastry industry,
  • fruits and vegetables manufacturing,
  • fast food packaging,
  • house keepings,
  • other industries.